Knowing Who Knowing What

Mar 13, 2022    Paul Thibodeaux
Have you had the question “how do I know God’s will? We often pray or say, “God your will be done” as is mentioned here in the Lord’s Prayer.

We sometimes say, “well God whatever is your will.”

We even say sometimes “God I just want your will.”

But how do we know?

When something happens in our life after we prayed for God’s will, how do come to grips with the understanding that it was or is God’s will.

As we walk through this Lenten now about 10 days about a quarter of the way in I hope it has already been as excellent time of reflection. As a church as we go through Pastor Olu’s book Lenten Prayer walking through the Lord’s prayer in Chapter _ titled Your Will I will cover today the times in our life when we are trying to figure out God’s will

Pastor Olu mentions as I concur the are spiritual disciplines and methods of prayer and moments of worship that we can participate in but there are still moments where we are left wondering of God ‘s will.

The reason we walk through Lent as a time of reflection is because it centers in the same shoes of Jesus as he was in a time of wilderness, temptation, and reflection and at towards the end after the victory of making through the time in the wilderness even Jesus asks the question about God’s will.

We see at the beginning of the chapter _Luke 22:42__reminds us of the question Jesus had

“Father if are willing, remove this cup from me yet, not my will but yours be done.”

So how do we know? Let me try and provide some things that we can do that will prepare us in understanding God’s will. If there are some things we are willing “say with yall ‘WILLING’ to do in will take us a long way.