SoulCare consists of doing things for yourself that allow you to improve your spiritual health as well as your body's health.  Unfortunately, people often neglect themselves by forgetting about the many ways to protect and care for their souls.   Let's change this in 2023.  Participate in our SoulCare Sessions for Quarter 1 and start your year off right!  #ImpactSoulCare

Focus of SoulCare

Your Mind

Our goal is to help you to align with your authentic self to be able to navigate your lived experiences.

Your Body

 Our body is our temple.  We will focus on our overall health and wellness as the key to SoulCare.

Your Soul

We will connect the relationship of scripture with other methods of wellness to establish true intimacy with God and ourselves.

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This January - March, SoulCare will consist of various programming to help jumpstart your SoulCare journey for 2023.

Each session will begin or end with a devotional and/or guided meditation. 

Vision Boards:  2023

Vision boards are great for keeping the desires you have for yourself ever before you to inspire you to follow your dreams. However, without goals that support the achievement of your dreams, sadly many go dreams go unrealized. Erin White, our executive director, will lead the first session of our SoulCare series to help you cast a vision for 2023 and start you on the road to developing the goals you'll need to achieve them.

This kick-off session will provide an opportunity to gain clarity, have fun, and fellowship with others who are ready to have this new year filled with POWER and dreams fulfilled.

Tools Needed:  5+ Magazines, Anything you'd like to use to enhance your vision board.  We will provide boards, glue & scissors.

Class taught by Erin White, Impact Church Executive Director

Journaling:  Make your vision a reality

Developing a journaling habit can help you work through your emotions, especially when you're feeling anxious or sad. It can also help you grow, become more self-aware, and gain meaningful insights. For these reasons, journaling is one of the best self-improvement tools.

Tools Needed:  Journal, Pen(s)

We will provide a free journal to the first 25 registrants

Class taught by Janae C
Instagram @journalwithjc

Restorative Yoga

For Men and Women ages 12 & Up.  As the name suggests, this style of yoga “restores” the body to its parasympathetic nervous system function, which, in turn, helps the body rest, heal, and restore balance. By allowing time for longer asanas (postures or poses) and deeper breathing, restorative yoga helps elicit the relaxation response.

Tools Needed:  Mat, Yoga Block (Optional), Towel, Water

Class taught by Impactor, Raquel Thomas

Sound Bath Meditation

A sound bath is typically a way of managing anxiety, soothing the nervous system, and blocking all the ideas and thoughts out of your consciousness as you connect with your body.   We will use this experience to also gain a sense of stillness/quietness and get in tune with God. Music therapy is a type of therapy that incorporates music.  

Tools Needed:  Mat or Pillow (optional)

Class taught by Diamond King
Instagram @therealdiamondking

Devotion & Affirmations

To help encourage our spiritual growth and self image.  

Devotions, Scripture and Affirmations will be a part of every Soulcare session.

Schedule of Events

Meet the Soulcare Instructors & Guides

Erin White

Impact Church Executive Director & Vision Board Guide

Janae C

Guided Journaling

Raquel Thomas

Certified Yoga Instructor

Diamond King

Certified Sound Healer

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